Early Consignments




*48 hd 2-8 yr old Red Angus cows, bred to Red Angus bulls, 12 hd have calves on ground
*20 hd 6-7 yr old bred cows, bred to blk bull, should start calving March 1 w/60 day calving window-CX THIS WEEK
*30 hd 400-600# strs & hfrs, off wheat
*109 hd 700-800# hfrs, off wheat
*102 hd 600-750# strs & hfrs, off wheat
*115 hd 600-800# strs, off wheat
















The Kansas Dept of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health,  has adopted new regulations concerning trichomoniasis.  The new regulations went into effect on October 4, 2013


Bulls that change possession or ownership within Kansas must meet one of the following criteria:

**Non-virgin bulls or bulls greater than 18 months of age:
****Must be tested for trichomoniasis and certified negative within 60 days prior to change of possession or ownership, OR
****Be sold for slaughter only or for feding for slaughter purposes.

**Virgin bulls 18 months of age or younger may change possession or ownership without a negative trichomoniases test if the owner signs a  statement verifying the bulls have not been sexually exposed to breeding aged females.

**Virgin bulls 24 months of age or younger that are part of a herd management plan approved by the animal health commissioner shall not be required to be tested for trichomoniases and certified negative prior to changing possession or ownership.